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We organise private jet flights worldwide and do it on an extraordinary level. Aside from our main activities, we provide solutions for a number of additional issues: commercial, cargo and medical flights, helicopter rentals and dozens of other options depending on the needs of our clients.

JetUnity has access to more than 50,000 aircraft units by means of direct contacts with plane and helicopter owners around the world. Thanks to our capabilities and partners, JetUnity is able to organize flights of any complexity to 251 countries around the world!

We bring together professional brokers from all over the world into one team, creating more opportunities for our clients and developing new innovative products in the business aviation market. Our goal is to make the booking process as convenient and profitable as possible.

Turn-key flights

Business jet rental

JetUnity brings together the best professionals in the field. Their competence is the guarantee of a perfectly organized flight. JetUnity's attention to detail and long-term experience will allow you to make your flight as safe, comfortable and profitable as possible.

Jet SHARING — seat sharing sales of business jet

An ideal alternative to business class flights. Share the cost of the jet with your fellow travelers, keeping the advantages of an individual charter.

All kinds of aviation services

JetUnity's priority is achieving the best prices and services by professional brokers. Our wide range of services includes the purchase and sale of aircraft, rental of commercial and cargo aircraft, jet management and customer support during the flight. More offers and features


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Only recognized professionals in the field of business aviation work with JetUnity. We have more than 3000 organized flights under our belt.

A wide range of aviation services: from helicopter rentals to emergency sanitary flights in difficult to reach areas.

No intermediaries: we provide direct contracts for a safe and convenient transaction.